Free Brady

Tom Brady’s appeal is underway, and opinions are flying, so I decided to join the fray. However, the only opinion that matters is Roger Goodell’s.

Deflate Gate has been completely overblown, so it’s “more likely than not” that Goodell will reduce Brady’s punishment. In fact, he could even do away with the 4-game suspension entirely. But what Goodell is most concerned about right now, is making it out of this with his reputation intact.

Regardless, the outcome of this appeal isn’t going to change anyone’s mind about Brady or the Patriots involvement. The damage is already done. But it will affect the way many people feel about Goodell. He’s looked weak and out of touch in the past. This is an opportunity for him to alter those perceptions and at least try to look like he’s in charge of the NFL.

Then again, I suppose it really doesn’t matter what Goodell does. It’s going to be a joke. He’ll announce his ruling, prop his feet up on a desk and feel like ‘The Boss’ once again, while the rest of us shake our heads at the sham, and shame, of it all.

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