College Football Playoff

For years, most of us complained about the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). We wanted a playoff system that would give us a “true” national champion; one that could be determined on the field, just like every other sport. And now we’ve got it.

Yesterday, the College Football Playoffs Committee announced that top-ranked Alabama will play #4 Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl while #2 Oregon will face #3 Florida State in the Rose Bowl. The winners of those games will meet January 12th at AT&T Stadium in Arlington to play for the national title.

But what about Baylor and TCU? Truly there were six deserving teams for the four available spots, and the state of Texas and the Big XII conference got shutout. Just like the BCS, though, someone is always going to feel their team got short-changed. So whether you’re happy with the final four or not, just remember . . . we asked for this.

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